Mowing the Grass

Between parenting, speakings, writing, teaching, networking, and schooling, most people often tell me I am very buzzzy, as most people who pursue goals in life.  Well, I am.  Through it all, I do stop and reflect.  I have found that mowing my grass is very relaxing and meditative, as it did today.  It gives me the time to think while on the riding mower.  Often, I think about the paper I have to pick up in which people have thrown from the highway.  It amazes me to think how in preaching, teaching, writing, etc….we are still picking up or trying to move things that do not belong in order to make things/situations look better, feel better, and act better.  The blessing is after doing our part, such as picking up paper and planting seeds, God comes and does a greater work in us.  Over time, when it is finished, the yard looks so beautiful….not just our yard…but God’s garden.   We can look back and say…as God has said…”It is good!”


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