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Preaching the Gospel

May 30, 2009

Sunday Services May 31 and June 7 2For the past few weeks I have been meditating on what I will be preaching May 31 and June 7, 2009. It has been ten years now since I began preaching from the pulpit. Each time is a nervous moment. I desire to be conscious of what God desires me to say. In the meantime, I try to consider the season on the Christian calendar, the life events of my church family, the local community events, as well as, the global happenings and how they affect our lives. Most importantly, I try to focus on the biblical text. I enjoy that part. The text has so much to say to us. The late Rev. Dr. Miles Jones, my homiletic professor, used to say, “What is the condition of existence of the text.” Mmmm…. what words do I have to ponder as I pull together my manuscript. In the midst of it all, I try to be guided by the Spirit. I have come not to think whether or not the congregation will like the message, as long as I am faithful to God in delivering it. In spite of the size of the congregation, there are a few who will appreciate what is being said. It is those who will allow God’s word to be planted in their hearts and someday manifestation of that Word comes to be a major part of developing God’s Kingdom.

A Visitor with a Word in Her Belly

May 9, 2009

As one who works at home, I get a lot of distraction from family, friends and unexpected visitors.  In the past year or two, I have chosen to go to the library or not answer the knock on my door.  Today I chose to open the door to a neighbor down the street.  She is a talking woman too!  I admit I am a talker as well.  However, most people come to me for counseling, venting, and coaching. They know I will listen and be honest with them.  Still, this takes time and inner energy, a time and energy I need to work on projects, goals and deadlines.  

Well, I invited her in.  She appeared uplifting and bright.  She came to give me a report on the handbook I developed for my dissertation project.  (It will be published shortly.  I will keep you updated.) She stated that she had finally made a decision about loving herself and avoiding relationships that do not value who she is…a divine creation.  She admitted she held onto a relationship because of her flesh and was hoping one day the guy will change his behavior toward her.  She came to realize that her flesh was strong.  Now, valuing herself has become even stronger.  That is a testimony!  In reading the handbook, she noted that it helped her to see her self-worth.  I was really glad to hear that!!!!

The lesson or blessing for today is an unexpected visitor with a word in her belly, who can bring affirmation about your work and joy due to their personal growth.