Books: Testimonials for Readers

Dr. Hawkins shares a moving and intriguing conversation focused on her spiritual and natural journey as she navigates the waters of single parenting. It is quite rewarding to discover the power of faith as a tool to overcome obstacles she faced, while simultaneously utilizing the church as a sanctuary for her and her son to ascend to the highest values possible. Her story is really a microcosmic perspective of thousands of other single women struggling to define who they are and experience a qualitative life for their family. – Bishop Haywood Parker, Truth Tabernacles Ministries, Rocky Mount, NC

I’ve recently found myself to be a single-parent of two teenage sons. I am so very grateful that I had read She Builds a Vineyard. The thoughtful and experiential insights the author presents in this narrative have been very inspiring and encouraging as I am faced with the daily challenges of raising two sons alone at the peak of their own self-awareness and desire to be little men. I highly recommend this book to all moms (and dads) who are challenged each day to find the delicate balance between single parenting and personal freedom in these chaotic, turbulent times.
– Rev. Dian Griffin Jackson, President, Southern Conference United Church of Christ

This book is a superb framework for any single parent. The ability to merge her journey and her station in life as a single parent, a mentor, sister, and a daughter against all odds was an inspiration to me. She brings to life the scripture train up a child the way s/he shall go and he will not depart from those ways. There lives are indeed a success story. When a parent has taken the time to do what she had done for her son, it is a true measure of parenting.
– Barbara Whitaker, Executive Director, Moses Project, Enfield, NC

This book is well written, insightful, inspiring, thought-provoking and one that I would highly recommend for singles and those already married as it speaks to all people. It sheds a light on a well known biblical passage that is rarely viewed in the manner in which is presented. I loved it! Haven’t read a good page-turner like this in awhile. – Xavier Leak, Goodwill Baptist Church, Clemmons, NC

Dr. Hawkins has a remarkable gift that allows her words to touch you, both emotionally and spiritually. She Builds A Vineyard, is her own well documented journey that I found incredibly inspiring and enlightening. It is without hesitation, that I recommend this book to any parent who endeavors to build a better life for themselves and their loved one(s). ”
– Gary T. McClurkin, Columbia, MD & Perth, WA (Australia)

This book assured me that God is with me as I parent my own children. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar she and her son give on parenting at our church. The audience was truly captivated with
their presences and wisdom. To have read the book and see them now working together for God is truly a blessing! – Sybil Tucker, Raleigh, NC

She Builds a Vineyard may be a single parent’s struggle to survive but it speaks to everyone who has experienced situations where only faith could bring you through. Reading how the author persevered through trials and tribulations all the while pursuing her dream of making a better life for herself and her son gave me the strength I needed to pursue my dreams. I enjoyed the authors display of humanity and how throughout the book she never presented herself as the savior. Through good bad and indifferent days she always gave honor to the lord all mighty and his wisdom to know what she needed and when she needed it. One of the many lessons I took away from this book was to stop trying to carry everything myself and to trust in the Lord completely; not just when its convenient for me. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. – Chiquita Hutton, Bowie, MD

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