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God is with us…single parents!!

June 7, 2009

Often times, single parents are stereotyped as someone on welfare with their children going undisciplined and unparented. This is a faulty concept and to point to all single parents being that way. Because I reared my son alone, I will admit the responsibility is overwhelming. At times, we must learn to let some responsibilities take their own course. Again, not all single parents are passive to their tasks as parents.

In spite of our condition of existence, we must know that God is with us. No matter what people say or how they may judge us. God is still with us. One of the challenges for us is to learn how to balance and prioritize our responsibilities.

Listening to God’s instructions and the wisdom God provide to us through mentors and coaches have come in handy for me. Following those instructions has enabled much wealth to enjoy life journey. We must be mindful that it is not what people say about us, it is what God has already ordained for us if we follow God completely. I encourage everyone to listen and follow the voice of God….for God is with us!!