UCC Women’s Ministry Consultants

September 30, 2009


It is great to be a part of a team of women who are making a divine difference…locally and nationally. Sharing our experiences and ideas are wonderful gifts that makes ministry a little easier.

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71 yr old Woman Strikes Back and Arrested

August 18, 2009

I just received this email news from someone in my home town (names were removed) ….

“A 71 year old women was being held in jail without bond Tuesday after County authorities said she beat her husband over the head with a frying pan.

Deputies responded to an assault call Friday morning and found paramedics treating her husband, 85 yrs old, for head injuries. A spokesman from the County Sheriff’s Office determined that the husband and his wife had argued over what she had cooked for breakfast.

The couple continued to bicker as the wife cooked another meal, and the argument escalated to the point that the husband raised his cane as if he were ready to hit his wife. The wife then hit him on the head several times with an iron frying pan.

The wife was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and authorities said she was being held without bond because the charge stemmed from a domestic dispute. The husband was taken to a local Regional Medical Center, where he received 50 stitches to close his head wounds.”

One responded, “Too many Madea movies…………seriously, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE KNOWS NO COLOR, NO SEX, NO AGE.” Would your agree? My thought is this….Women are tired of being threatened and abused. Women have to fight back no matter how old they are. Sorry to say that she had to hurt him. But, just to think that she is 71 yrs old. How long did she deal with physical abuse…20, 30, 40, 50+ years!! Now, that’s terrible! …just terrible! What are your thoughts?

What is a Single Parent Home?

July 18, 2009

In most cases, a single parent is a person who is parenting alone. There is no spouse or partner in the home compared to the traditional family, such as the husband, wife, and children. On several occasions, there are married couples who parent alone, such as those separated and those who are separated due to their careers. In considering this, a single parent home consists of the household being maintained by one parent. Share your thoughts.

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Confession of a Friend

July 13, 2009

I had a conversation with one of my friends a few days ago. I had to ponder on his thoughts for a while because of his confession to me. He confessed that he did not think well about single parents. I questioned why? He stated that they are always needy. They can’t handle their children. They come into your neighborhood and make the value of your homes go down. Because they can’t handle their children, their kids tear up everything. “Wow!” I responded. Again, I had to ponder on his honesty, as well as appreciate it. Yet, I sought for grace and mercy as if it lived within him somewhere. I was sure it did. Yet, he was stuck on his views.

I assessed his point of view by thinking of all that he has accomplished and worked for. He is retired now. He is married with adult children, lives in quiet a neighborhood, and tries to maintain what he has. Mmmm? To some degree, I can understand his point of view of valuing what he worked hard to achieve. I value what I have worked hard for also. However, at the same time, I struggle with the lack of understanding he and others have toward the life of a single parent. I also struggle with the stereotypes and labels placed on single parents all too often. Not all single parents are the same…their values, income, education, beliefs, parenting, etc. Finally I shared the concerns he mentioned are the same for some who are married with children.

In the Hills and Mountains of South Dakota

June 22, 2009

What a beauty it was to see God’s creation in the hills and mountains of South Dakota. Not only did the awesomeness of nature revealed the sovereignty of the Almighty but also the people God placed there as well. There I was willing and able to give an inspirational word from the LORD and yet they deposit more into me as Queen Sheba received from King Solomon.

Participating in the South Dakota Conference women retreat uplifted my belief that God is diverse, just as many places have made that known in the past. The women were wonderful. The hospitality and multiply spiritual gifts of the staff and participants were amazing as they presented the elegance of Christ.

Often times, God gives us moments to be reminded that he indeed wants to guide us. This includes stepping out from our comfort zones to do and think of things we have never done, such as traveling to South Dakota for the first time or revisit topics such as to ‘Be Still and Know that God will guide us with His own eyes’.

How captivating moments in life are as we reflect on God’s continuous molding, shaping, and twisting us to see Him in different angles, hearts, and places of the world He created. My foot is much better now, my walk has been enhanced, even my soul. This is the breakthrough of our spirit, mind and body.

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The Beauty of Hills and Mountains in South Dakota

Women Retreat

Placerville Camp, SD

Mt. Rushmore


God is seeking Singles with Children

June 21, 2009

Where are the single parents?! God is seeking singles with children to help build the Kingdom of God. For so long, single women with children have been rejected by the church. Many are yearning for God…yearning for understanding, love and redemption.

Spring, Inc. is here to provide spiritual support and create a sacred place for them to grow spritually. Join us!! http://www.springsingleparents.com ….

Laugh with Your Child

June 11, 2009

000_0234 2 As a single parent, I know that we are often overwhelmed with responsibilites. One of the moments I treasured most is laughing with my son. Although we have conflicts, as any two people would, I found he is so comical and says the funniest things at times. In coaching and couseling, I encourage many to find that one thing that makes them laugh with their child or children. Yes, there is pain and frustration in parenting alone. Yet, there is something that brings joy. Thank God for those moments of freshness and the Spirit of God breathe between the relationship.

Spiritual Life Coaching is offered to those who seek it at http://www.williemaehawkins.com … Blessings!

Selected to Serve over 219 churches

June 7, 2009

Celebrate with me!!!!
I was selected as one of the women-in-ministry consultants in the United Church of Christ (UCC). As a consultant in this assignment, I will serve over 219 churches in my designated region consisting of ten states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. I will be offering my gifts as a speaker, lecturer, and workshop and seminar presenter. In addition, I will also serve as a columnist publishing monthly articles in support of single parents. As a liaison and resource representative, I will provide spiritual support to more than 20,000 women.
.…To God Be the Glory!!!!!!!!!

Celebrate with me!! … To God Be the Glory!!!!!!!!!

God is with us…single parents!!

June 7, 2009

Often times, single parents are stereotyped as someone on welfare with their children going undisciplined and unparented. This is a faulty concept and to point to all single parents being that way. Because I reared my son alone, I will admit the responsibility is overwhelming. At times, we must learn to let some responsibilities take their own course. Again, not all single parents are passive to their tasks as parents.

In spite of our condition of existence, we must know that God is with us. No matter what people say or how they may judge us. God is still with us. One of the challenges for us is to learn how to balance and prioritize our responsibilities.

Listening to God’s instructions and the wisdom God provide to us through mentors and coaches have come in handy for me. Following those instructions has enabled much wealth to enjoy life journey. We must be mindful that it is not what people say about us, it is what God has already ordained for us if we follow God completely. I encourage everyone to listen and follow the voice of God….for God is with us!!

Preaching the Gospel

May 30, 2009

Sunday Services May 31 and June 7 2For the past few weeks I have been meditating on what I will be preaching May 31 and June 7, 2009. It has been ten years now since I began preaching from the pulpit. Each time is a nervous moment. I desire to be conscious of what God desires me to say. In the meantime, I try to consider the season on the Christian calendar, the life events of my church family, the local community events, as well as, the global happenings and how they affect our lives. Most importantly, I try to focus on the biblical text. I enjoy that part. The text has so much to say to us. The late Rev. Dr. Miles Jones, my homiletic professor, used to say, “What is the condition of existence of the text.” Mmmm…. what words do I have to ponder as I pull together my manuscript. In the midst of it all, I try to be guided by the Spirit. I have come not to think whether or not the congregation will like the message, as long as I am faithful to God in delivering it. In spite of the size of the congregation, there are a few who will appreciate what is being said. It is those who will allow God’s word to be planted in their hearts and someday manifestation of that Word comes to be a major part of developing God’s Kingdom.