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A Mommy’s Journey to the Post Office

March 4, 2010

On February 18, I went to the post office as a part of my normal task. To my surprise, I received a package from my son. The box was addressed to “Mommy” – not my name, as most mailings are addressed. With much curiosity, I immediately opened it. There were a teddy bear holding a ‘I LOVE You” heart and a plaque. The plaque held the words of his love for his mommy…Me. Have you ever read a card that describes your relationship with someone to the exact detail? It was as if that person took time to get the perfect card. Well, as I read the plaque, I noticed he took time to get the perfect plaque. Lest to say, tears began to fall right at the counter in the post office. A lady standing beside me asked me about my tears. And I shared the box, the bear with the “I Love You” heart, and the plaque. She began to cry too. She recalled all the work we put into our children so that they can have a better life. ‘All the work’ is not easy work, they are sacrifices. It is more than giving them material possessions, name brand sneakers, the top fashion design, etc. Yet, it is ‘all the work’ we put into them to love themselves, to see their gifts and life potential to be great people who can make a difference in the world.

Sacrifices include moments when your child doesn’t seem to understand why momma has rules and expectations. I remember the times we often disagreed and tough decisions I had to make. Times like not allowing him to go to the military ball while in high school, because he failed to keep organization for his six-week compilation folder. It was small things like that which lead him to understand greater responsibility like going to college today.

Receiving this package today lets me know that he is thankful and he does understand what I tried to do when he was in the home. It also affirms the hard work I put forward to parenting was not in vain. I am thankful to God for guiding me through the process!

Precious, the Movie

November 24, 2009

Let me first admit, I did not want to see the movie. Dealing with single parents’ issues, or women issues in general, is something I do every day. So, I did not choose that movie as part of my entertainment. Why did I go? Well… besides having a heart that yearns to be with my sister whenever possible, she demanded that I put on some clothes and be ready when she arrives to pick me up.

As we entered the theater during the credits, I quickly noticed the place was packed…in its second week opening?! My sister and I could barely find a seat.

As for the movie, it was very touching and emotional. Again, none of the problems or unhealthy relationships in the movie surprised me. What were most interesting were the conversations I intentionally engaged in with others after the movie. There were many sighs, exhaling and choking on trying to find the words to articulate feelings and thoughts. The white lady, who sat beside me, expressed her mixed feelings by stating, “It was interesting. I kind of liked it. It was sad. I don’t know!”

Beside the comments of “too much cursing,” another statement was, “I can’t believe situations like this happen.” A lady who stood beside her replied, “You were not brought up in that kind of environment.” One stated, “They [the producers] have added too much to the situation in the life of Precious.” My comment to her was, “Ma’am, it happens in real life.” Another lady, just shook her head and said, “I am glad I came to see it but it is nothing I will come back to see twice.”

I observed the little children–middle school and below–who were there and wondered what thoughts were in their minds as they watched the movie. My sister stated, “I hope their mothers will talk with them and share their thoughts and opinions about it so that nothing like this happens to them.” I agreed.

In regards to my feelings, I also admit there were moments I felt angry, sad and wanted to curse. I even had a few tear drops. The environment in which some of us live makes life hard and challenging. However, I believe that God will put us in places to rise above our unpleasant environment or unfavorable circumstances, as was shown in Precious.

Finally, I say, “Bravo to Oprah and Tyler Perry for teaming up on this one.” Again, Oprah stressed the hard issues of African American women, with Tyler Perry’s aim to entertain his faith audience.

PS. The credits previewed “Why I Got Married, Too.” I am really eager to see that one. I think that is going to be a good one!

Laugh with Your Child

June 11, 2009

000_0234 2 As a single parent, I know that we are often overwhelmed with responsibilites. One of the moments I treasured most is laughing with my son. Although we have conflicts, as any two people would, I found he is so comical and says the funniest things at times. In coaching and couseling, I encourage many to find that one thing that makes them laugh with their child or children. Yes, there is pain and frustration in parenting alone. Yet, there is something that brings joy. Thank God for those moments of freshness and the Spirit of God breathe between the relationship.

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