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Free E-Book: How to Establish Spiritual Transformation in a Single Parent Home

September 30, 2009

How to Establish Spiritual Transformation in a Single Parent Home1_edited-1

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What is a Single Parent Home?

July 18, 2009

In most cases, a single parent is a person who is parenting alone. There is no spouse or partner in the home compared to the traditional family, such as the husband, wife, and children. On several occasions, there are married couples who parent alone, such as those separated and those who are separated due to their careers. In considering this, a single parent home consists of the household being maintained by one parent. Share your thoughts.

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Laugh with Your Child

June 11, 2009

000_0234 2 As a single parent, I know that we are often overwhelmed with responsibilites. One of the moments I treasured most is laughing with my son. Although we have conflicts, as any two people would, I found he is so comical and says the funniest things at times. In coaching and couseling, I encourage many to find that one thing that makes them laugh with their child or children. Yes, there is pain and frustration in parenting alone. Yet, there is something that brings joy. Thank God for those moments of freshness and the Spirit of God breathe between the relationship.

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