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a Letter from my Son

March 4, 2010

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Letter from my Son.


Interview with Rev. Willie Mae Hawkins

October 9, 2009

Listen to my interview SPARKs with Tina Furtune. You will learn…
1. Why I am passionate about ministering to single parents
2. How Spring, Inc. got started.
3. Two primary challenges of the ministry.
4. Why I am determine to do what God has called me to do.
and more…

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Are We Infants in Christ?

October 8, 2009

In 1 Corinthians 3:1, Paul writes to the church at Corinth stating they are infants in Christ. He states there is jealousy and quarreling among them. As I ponder on the text in regards to ministering to single parents, I think of the quarreling we have within our inner selves. This inner quarreling occurs because we are not balanced with the demands in life as single parents.

There are the demands for proper care for children. Maintaining the financial obligations for home, children, and food sometimes get the best of us. For many who are still climbing that steep mountain of going to school and advancing on the job, this seems to be an on-going lifetime challenge. As our children grow into wanting their own independence, there are the personality conflicts that demand resolution. We wonder if the demands will ever come to an end.

We, too, sometimes are jealous by resenting our lives becasue we are not where we had hoped to be. Our stress levels are high due to the worries of our children, finances, jobs, and relating with others. For some, they still yearn for a mate to help with the responsibilities, to be the companion they desire, or to provide financial security when time gets tough.

If we have not learned to balance our lives in the midst of the demands as a single parent, I question, “Are we still infants in Christ? Balance begins with God as the center of our being. It is God who mends our fragmented lives where we can have balance to the demands of life. God places supportive people who continue to encourage us toward His greatness. God leads us to resources, which includes resources to strengthen our relationships with ourselves, our children, and with others. Indeed, it is God who gives us peace that surpasses all understanding. That is the peace within our inner selves–our souls.

One of the first steps toward maturity in Christ is allowing God to take total control over your life. Although a mate or a husband is not in the home, allow God to be the head of your single parent home. Each day, God will purge your heart and reshape your thinking to the demands of this world. Be mindful, if conflicts continue to be hard to bear, God will guide you to a good spiritual coach, counselor, or leader who can lead you to a greater insight of your conflict… just as Paul was to the church at Corinth.

Prayer: Dear God, Help us to calm the quarrelling within our inner being. Give us peace within our souls. Give us the understanding of how to handle the demands of life as a single parent. And, when conflicts continue to be unease, lead us to someone who can assist us to better understand toward your guidance. Amen.

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Confession of a Friend

July 13, 2009

I had a conversation with one of my friends a few days ago. I had to ponder on his thoughts for a while because of his confession to me. He confessed that he did not think well about single parents. I questioned why? He stated that they are always needy. They can’t handle their children. They come into your neighborhood and make the value of your homes go down. Because they can’t handle their children, their kids tear up everything. “Wow!” I responded. Again, I had to ponder on his honesty, as well as appreciate it. Yet, I sought for grace and mercy as if it lived within him somewhere. I was sure it did. Yet, he was stuck on his views.

I assessed his point of view by thinking of all that he has accomplished and worked for. He is retired now. He is married with adult children, lives in quiet a neighborhood, and tries to maintain what he has. Mmmm? To some degree, I can understand his point of view of valuing what he worked hard to achieve. I value what I have worked hard for also. However, at the same time, I struggle with the lack of understanding he and others have toward the life of a single parent. I also struggle with the stereotypes and labels placed on single parents all too often. Not all single parents are the same…their values, income, education, beliefs, parenting, etc. Finally I shared the concerns he mentioned are the same for some who are married with children.

God is seeking Singles with Children

June 21, 2009

Where are the single parents?! God is seeking singles with children to help build the Kingdom of God. For so long, single women with children have been rejected by the church. Many are yearning for God…yearning for understanding, love and redemption.

Spring, Inc. is here to provide spiritual support and create a sacred place for them to grow spritually. Join us!! ….

God is with us…single parents!!

June 7, 2009

Often times, single parents are stereotyped as someone on welfare with their children going undisciplined and unparented. This is a faulty concept and to point to all single parents being that way. Because I reared my son alone, I will admit the responsibility is overwhelming. At times, we must learn to let some responsibilities take their own course. Again, not all single parents are passive to their tasks as parents.

In spite of our condition of existence, we must know that God is with us. No matter what people say or how they may judge us. God is still with us. One of the challenges for us is to learn how to balance and prioritize our responsibilities.

Listening to God’s instructions and the wisdom God provide to us through mentors and coaches have come in handy for me. Following those instructions has enabled much wealth to enjoy life journey. We must be mindful that it is not what people say about us, it is what God has already ordained for us if we follow God completely. I encourage everyone to listen and follow the voice of God….for God is with us!!