Content of Book

She Builds a Vineyard
A Single Parent’s Struggle to Survive


1. Where have you come from?
Stony the Road I Trod – From Childhood to College
Sowing Seeds – Spiritual Life
Watering the Seeds – Support System
Reflection #1

2. Where are you going? You are now with child…
Thorns on Rocky Grounds – Returning Home
Birthing in the Vineyard – Motherhood Begins
Tilling the Soil – Steps towards Survival
Nourishment – Additional Support System
Substance of Faith – Spiritual Life Continues
Fruits in my Vineyard – Fresh Vines, Stems and Grapes
Reflection #2

3. For the LORD has heard of your misery
Weak Limbs – A Child’s Crisis
Hurricane in My Vineyard – A Mother’s Dilemma
Reflection #3

4. You are the God who sees me
The Root Still Lives – Gathering the Pieces
Deliverance – Rebuilding the Walls
Restoration – Renewed Faith
Reflection #4

5. I have now seen the One who sees me
A New Vineyard – Acknowledging the Call
Initiatives toward Change – Moving toward the Call
Surrendering All – Accepting the Call
Reflection #5

6. Take the Child by the Hand
Parenting – Where Ministry Begins
Spring – A Specific Assignment
Reflection #6

7. God Opened Her Eyes and She Saw a Well of Water
Affirming God’s Presence –The Source for Survival
Confession of Transgression – Please forgive me!
Thanksgiving from the Heart – How can I say thanks?
Supplication – Grant us another request.
Reflection #7

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